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Spirit Record - an indie horror game with an open world to explore.

STORY: Yesterday, You found two cultists in your house. They took you to the old residence and they told you to come inside the dark house. That's all you remember.

Game by DarkPlace16


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Was playing the game, seems interesting though I just don't see myself beating it, having then read the walkthrough of the user below, having beaten it and the effort it takes. Still, for all its worth, had fun

So, I finally managed to complete the game, it was by far the most intense game I've played in a while, a lot of it was due to how difficult some encounters were and how long it took me to figure out how to deal with some of the monsters, I downloaded the game 4 days ago (Then redownloaded it for the quality of life update to make the chainsaw guy easier to deal with).

To help people if they can't go through the game I wrote down both a walkthrough and a hint system to help them out with the monsters, I'll start off with the hints since the only thing it does is tell you what to do to deal with the monsters without necesseraly spoiling the fun of setting up strategies to escape the monsters, then further down below there'll be a walkthrough for each of the events if really you're stuck at one of the monsters.

(I assumed the name of each monster since none of them have an official name in-game. I also rated each monster/event on a scale between 0 and 5 based on how difficult they are)

You must complete 7 of the 10 events to beat the game, they are as follow.


3/5 Ghost nuns: Get rid of them by bringing them to the holy spirit.

3/5 Giant Worm: No hint.

5/5 Chainsaw maniac: No hint.

3/5 Shull ghost: White skulls hurt you, the red one hurts the monster.

1/5 Giant mosquito: The monster won't attack you as long as you stand still, no other hint, go figure out how it dies.

4/5 Vinyl record: To start the event you must go north west back to the starting point of the game, then head further north there'll be a vinyl record, run toward it and break it to start the event. To end it and survive, you must pull the string on the weird looking banana somewhere on the map, no other hint provided.

5/5 Doppelgänger: Get rid of it by making it run into something on the map that would normally kill your character.

0/5 Crown on altar & dead body: No hint.

2/5 Meat monster: Kill it by running into its red meat scattered on the map.

3.5/5 Invisible man: Make it run into a weird bump on the map. Don't make the same mistake I did and assume that in order to kill it you must make it draw a pantagram, no that's not how it dies. The bump is somewhere in the area.


Ghost nuns: Jumpscare, then teleported to building with a crying distorted baby voice. Pick up the baby, then escape the building by going left (it looks like there's a wall, but there's no wall) then head toward church on the south west part of the map to scare off the nuns.

Giant Worm: Teleported to room with glyphs, head north, then south, then north, then south, then north and then
throw yourself into the pit, inside the pit you'll get chased by a giant worm, to escape you must go up, right,
up, right, up, right and up.

Chainsaw maniac: Teleported to maze, a chainsaw maniac will chase after you. To escape you must pick up the 3
keys, to do you must go east, south, east, north until you see another key, then east, north, west, first
crosswalk after key is south, then redo the parkour, except you must head east, instead of west at the sixth
crossroad then head toward the originally barred door to escape (Attention, there are dead ends and the chainsaw maniac can walk through walls. You must keep pace with the monster, otherwise it'll catch you by phasing through the walls, conserve as much stamina as possible).

Shull ghost: Miniboss in the overworld, hit the red skull to hurt it and kill it, avoid the white skulls. Be warned that your character will slowly vanish, to cope with it you can move from one screen to another to make the character fully visible again.

Giant mosquito: The area of vision of the player will be reduced, then a bug noise will start to alert the player that the monster's coming from the west. To scare it off you must first stand still not move at all and maybe stare directly at the direction of the sound (That's not needed really), the mosquito will then fly off to attack you again from a different angle, stare directly at the side where the sound of the mosquito comes from and make sure to not move at all, repeat the process to scare it off again and while doing so head to the northmost part of the area where there's a grill and let the mosquito fly over the grill trap to kill it.

Vinyl record: Message "feel the vibrations" will pop up, head north west to the starting point of the game with
blood path, then head north you'll find a vinyl record, then run into the vinyl record to break it, afterward a bunch of wiggly red strings will go after you, to get rid of them you must head to the northmost eastmost part of the map where there's a weird looking banana with a rope tied to it (Make sure to conserve your stamina, otherwise
you'll get swarmed by the red strings rapidly).

Doppelgänger: The event starts with a scarily eerie music and with a bunch of dead bodies that show up out of
nowhere, after moving between 4 and 5 windows, you'll get chased by the doppelgänger, get rid of it by luring it
into the green fire on the southmost westmost area of the map (Be warned that he's as fast as your character and
shares your character's stamina also do not throw yourself into the fire by accident, stay as much as possible on
the west side of the map or it'll catch up to you. Be also warned it spawns randomly on the screen, so it may kill
you instantly).

Crown on altar & dead body: Teleported to the entrance of the weird sanctuary with a corpse. Pick up crown on the altar, then head south, then a window with text pops up, click ok to close it, then your character disappears to leave place to a command prompt. Use the command "/view", it'll open a webpage on your prefered browser, then use the command "/say Andras". (NOTE: THE EVENT MIGHT NOT WORK SINCE IT NEEDS THE PRIVILEGE TO CREATE THE FILE Demon.bat ON THE DESKTOP TO WORK!!! IT IS RECOMMENDED TO OPEN THE GAME AS ADMINISTRATOR!!! ALSO DO NOT CLICK ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES THE COMMAND PROMPT OTHERWISE IT'LL VANISH BEHIND THE GAME'S WINDOW!!!)

Meat monster: The game will get really tense with its music for a while, then the monster shows up. To kill it, you must walk into its red meat scattered across the map at completely random places. Arguably the easiest monster to deal with since it's slower than your walking speed. Don't get stuck by accident.

Invisible man: Teleported to the center of the 5 rocks located in the south east part of the area, then red dots will start showing up, indicating that an invisible monster is coming after you. Dodge the monster by outrunning it. In order to kill it, you must head toward the weird looking bump on the east part of the area by going right continuously, when the monster steps on it it'll open something like a mouth and eat the monster whole.

(Since there were no guides I decided to compile everything I've learned on the game to help ppl out)


Wow, Congrats! XD I was assuming that this game is too hard and nobody will finish it. But you did that.... Wow. Anyway I think that running this game as Admin is not required to complete Demon.bat (I am a big fan of the orginal game Demon.exe [The game was inspired by games: Imscared, Demon.exe, Spooky House of Jumpscares, Sad satan]) Congrats again.

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I'm stuck in this part of the game where the invisible man comes to kill me, I figured that since he leaves blood trail behind and the rocks are placed in such a way that it is possible to make a pantagram, I tried to make one by using the monster's blood trail, yet even when I try to make the pantagram, the invisible man always kill me before I'm done with it, what should I do, is that the solution to scare it off or like should I look elsewhere?


Yo man, I wanted to walkthrough the game, but one of the events in the game doesn't work properly, the one where it opens a file inside my computer called demon.bat, I typed in /help that froze the program and also that would be useful to have a button that allows you to toggle off the fullscreen mode of the game.

Nevermind, the program required Adminstrator privilege to work. I still want to play the game itself windowed though.